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Stick it in your ear-The Pretty Reckless


In order to get to The Pretty Reckless, you have to start with Cindy Lou Who

Played in this clip from The Grinch who stole Christmas by Taylor Momsen.  Taylor was precocious and adorable in the film and not exactly vocally untalented.  Following the film Taylor went on to become a hot mess who is all growed up, much like every other little girl to come out of hollywood









…and she also went on to head the band The Pretty Reckless.  Taylor was only 16 when she joined the band, which in light of the lingerie, goth getup, middle aged male back up, topless stage shows, lesbian orgies and religious iconography, makes one winder if they can be arrested just for listening.  However, unlike other child stars turned slags, Taylor has the talent to back it up, using her smoky deep voice to great advantage on hard rock tracks like “Make me wanna die”.

And a solid sound, despite the Madonna/Courtney Love last supper crashing video, in “Miss Nothing”


Give it a listen