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Celebrity makeup tutorials


I’ve been having some thoughts about these makeup tutorials that plague any search result on youtube.  I typed “katy perry makeup tutorial” into youtube and got 5,270 hits.  Now do you think I need 5,270 ways to look like Katy Perry?  No I don’t and that’s not the point.  The point of a makeup tutorial is for girls who are keeping sephora and mac in business to solicit comments on how much they look LIKE the celebrity.  Celebrities have been wearing makeup since kingdom come and for as long as that there have been women (and men) who want to duplicate the makeup, not to have similar looking makeup but to look like the person wearing it. In ancient roman times women used to copy hairstyles off coins in attempt to be current in fashion, because ancient roman women didn’t have youtube.

But perhaps it is about skill…about replicating professional makeup artist’s results.  So I decided to try one.  I was attracted to the elevator music and powerpoint skills of  “promise” and her California Gurls tutorial.

I know what you’re all thinking…










Glad we’re on the same page.  I’m sure I would have been a dead ringer if I had had that blue wig.


Stick it in your ear


Kerli-Bubblegoth talent straight from Estonia.  Baby Spice with Bjork DNA.  Kerli pre-dates Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and you will notice much of Kerli’s style in both artists.Kerli’s music ranges from techno pop and girly goth to darker more beautiful tunes.  Give her a listen.

Kerli unplugged