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Soggy Bog Brainparts


If I’ve been noticeably absent as of late, it is because sleep (and sleeplessness) moves in cycles, like the seasons, or your period.  And like the period, most of the cycle friggin’ sucks.  Although the rubbish patch that is my brain has continued to produce all the yarns and nuggets my dear fans love to read, my limbs have the strength of sushi-grade squid and my eyes are as foggy as New York on a summer day.  I’ve started to look like this,






…Which is bad because 1.) I don’t ingest heroin and cocaine like movie popcorn 2.) I am currently living and 3.) I haven’t recently performed oral sex on 6 tubes of revlon lipstick, although I recently acquired a leopard print coat…








Insomnia is a slippery slope.  Hopefully I will be back on the TOTALLY AWESOME DUUUDE part of the sleepless cycle soon.  Until then, if you see a fat slob passed out in some alley wearing a leopard print coat, I apologize, I was just really tired.