The Newest Sanity Project


Lots of bloggers take 3 years off right?  It’s how they stay “mysterious” and “edgy”!

I started Sleepless Slander as sanity project during a time of extreme no-sleep and had to abandon it when I started losing my vision


I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension (I know right? WTF is that??) not long after I started this blog. Long WEBMD page short, your brain doesn’t know how to shut off the switch that regulates or produces the cerebrospinal fluid in your brain. So your cranium just fills up with fluid and crushes your brain and optic nerves!






So yes, basically it makes you feel like Arnie in Total Recall with Mars eyeballs. But I medicated that shizz and now here I am, eyeballs, and vision fine.


But lucky for all of you, I still don’t sleep much and I’m not very sane, so expect to see lots more of me ! Also thanks to my NEW LAPTOP that doesn’t choke and die simply from booting up, I can write a post without risking burning the house down!!


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