Canada attempts to be naughty


It is 3:03 in the am and I’m just slinging this post on here.  I am watching the tail end of Rub and Tug a hilarious sex romp comedy out of Toronto.  Written and directed by first timer Soo Lyu, the movie follows 3 full body massage girls and the naive desk clerk sent in by the manager to spy and make sure they’re not doing full service.  Released in 2002, the film, despite the sexual gist of it, is actually quite clean and has a small cult following online.

Rub and Tug was shot on digital video and has the look of a high school project.  It also couldn’t be anymore Canadian if the 3 girls wore Canadian flag minidresses like the sluts you see on Canada Day (it’s a FLAG, not a wardrobe choice.  And even if it was, you wouldn’t buy the transparent cheap one from the loonie store!!)  I spent more time enjoying the dated wardrobe choices than following the story, but despite the plethora (what a GREAT word that is) of pastel miniskirts, halter tops, clunky heels and hairbands (it was like Clueless, but in a massage parlour!) I can tell it is well written and has heart.

While I was poking around the net digging up info on this movie I read an interview with the director on  It was mostly run of the mill stuff, but the last question sounded interesting…

So what’s next for you? What’s on the horizons?

We have several projects in various stages of development. However, we are excited about “Sucktion.” It will do to vaginas what “Rub & Tug” has done to dicks. It’s a comedy of errors where things go terribly wrong when a woman tries to improve her sex life.

I can find no evidence that this was ever a movie, however I did find a website under construction called, which apparently is… the story of a woman’s cyber-erotic transformation from abject housewife into a self-sufficient cyborg in this theatrical song cycle…as it traces the radical reinvention of one woman’s persona via the subversive use of a vacuum cleaner.  Opera just ain’t what it used to be.

The director was inspired to write Rub and Tug after hearing the true stories of full body massage workers in Toronto.  Her concept was “massage girls get revenge” and it’s this angle, combined with the Taratino-esque soundtrack, that makes this a great watch. If you DO watch it, message me and let me know what I missed in the first 45 minutes.

4 poutines out of 5.


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